Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free HD Green Screen Footage

This time i am uploading free HD Zoom out shot with Green Screen.

Sample Clip :


Download Link

Enjoy !!


achiket said...

hey umesh some of ur footages are shot in MAAC right?? r u maac student?? can i use ur footages for my shoreel?? plz reply

achiket said...

waiting for wire remooval footages for my showreel.... plz upload...

umesh said...

I am not a MAAC student. When i have free time surly i am upload which you want and you can use my footage as your showreel..i don't mind.

Matthias said...

very nice site! it's very good to have some HD-footage to experiment with! thx!

sandeep varanasi said...

this is sunny thanks for providing good stuff,,
can you please send any multipass comp footage plzzz

neha said...

why these dots are use in the green screen footage.........?
please alo tell me how to use it in any other footage..