Thursday, July 23, 2009

3d Camera tracking footages

This is my Matheran trip's footage which can be use as 3d camera tracking.

Sample clip :


Download Link

Enjoy !!


Prajwal vas said...

hi umesh .. i really wanna thank you for putting up 5 sec clips..thts really awesome !!

umesh said...

can you show me your work ? if you don't mind.

Karan said...

Hii Sir Karan here these footages are really helpful but even i have a request that all the clips shuld be a bit longer atleaset 10 Secs +

thanks for all da ref clips...

a3 said...

Hi, thanks for the clip. For some reason if I import it to Premiere it only shows audio, and if I import it to AE, the program crashes.. do I need a special codec to import this file into AE ?

Faraz Siddiqui said...

thanks for the needful footage