Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aerial Shot

Dear All,

Now time to upload big footages of my good collection. You can work with various angle like you could make war scene, add big monument or big building & to make destroy a city.

you are ready for that...

Aerial Shot from umesh on Vimeo.

Download link :

Enjoy VFXXX!!


Anonymous said...

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Ravindraa.M said...

Hello umesh... I don't know how to mail u n share my video link with you.. so, excuse me since Im adding the link in this comment box.
I made a 3D track and integrated a CG with FX using your street shot.
thanks a lot for the free footages..

but, I would like to suggest you to put some info about your camera and the settings set for that shot. it would be very helpful to have the camera data!

samrulez said...

Ur rapidshare links doesn't seem to work..plz reupload somewhere else