Saturday, January 30, 2010


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Arvidh said...

Great Stuff Umesh! What camera are you using for shooting these videos?

kran said...

Hello Umesh Patel.

First sorry but this is automatically translated by google because my English is very limited.

Friend I am delighted that your site exists with the material that you are getting free for us all.

I'm Paul a friend of Spain and fan of special effects, I'd like to tell a thing as I am doing a
project on "Boujou4 in Spanish" we already have the "Basic Training DVD Boujou4 vol 1" and we will
launch a second volume more free advanced in this DVD we will put a "DVD Bonus" with footage collected ours, but the big problem is we do not have HD camera and now we can not acquire one.

All the DVDs that we are Free, just do it for people to learn without limits.

We would like to know if you would let us include HD material you have on the blog, clearly this that would make the corresponding credits and a link to your page.

My sincere congratulations on your blog, because in the network very few people give away anything, a

greeting and waiting for an answer as soon as possible, to close the DVD and see if we have your


If you decide to leave us your material, data could tell us some details of your camera, or model,

will help enormously.

sincerely thanks Paul.

If you want to see the DVD and who we visit us at:

or on our youtube channel:

--> E-mail: <--