Friday, January 28, 2011

3D Matchmove footage

Dear All,

You can use this footage to learn concept of 3d camera tracking and Matchmove.


3D Matchmove footage from free hd on Vimeo.

Download Link:



Michael said...

Hey! Thanks a lot for your efforts. This blog is great!

I was wondering if you could inlcude any stereoscopic footage for tracking! That'd be amazing!


Anonymous said...

Hey man. Great blog and thanks for this cool piece.
Here is what I've done:

Dheerendra said...

can you plz provide camera details..?

THank you..!

D said...

here is my work.. used this footage too :P

Hari said...

hey great footage i've done a matchmove test with this take a look.. thanks

Anonymous said...

link dead

Anonymous said...

Dude, It's looked like link has been deleted. Can you refresh one.
Good seq for Matchmove.
Appritiate your site!
Thank you